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vrijdag, juli 29, 2005

Docu shown at festival "In de Maak"

A documentary I edited will be shown at a festival in the 'Louis Hartloper Complex' in Utrecht.
Here is the site. I will also put a trailer online soon.

vrijdag, juli 22, 2005

Working on Sextet

In september I am going to start working on a movie of Eddy Terstall called 'Sextet'.
It's about bed-stories. There are six small storie each telled on his own way. It's life action. about Eddy Terstall
What about animating? Yep probably one of the stories have a lot of animation in it. So there is the studio AnimationWorld jumping in. With 20 animators it have to be done in a fast pace. The rest of the movie is already done.
So it will be in interesting time.

Also I am in trying to find funds for attending Vancouver Film School. But it's hard to find that lot of money.
If people have suggestion to get funds I would be happy.
The study takes six months.

now working again

vrijdag, juli 01, 2005

Back from vacation

Premiere of the graduation fims went well. Two cinema rooms full. There was shown a total of 6 hour footage in two programmes. So a 3 hour ride with exciting and cool animations, fictie and documentary.
After the graduation film premiere I went on a small vacation. And had after the vacation a busy period with some family matters.

I also looked for a place to get some more expertise in Maya. And found a studio called AnimationWorld. We are in talks now and maybe I can get my own film in production there.
But we will see.

I hope to update now more frequently.

Here a cool demoreel of a friend of me link