Research is what I'm doing when I don't know what I'm doing.

woensdag, maart 30, 2005

Another very rough setup

Some parts of the movement have some weight other parts are still floating

maandag, maart 28, 2005

Please fire at will!!

Give me some respond on the first piece of scene 1

maandag, maart 21, 2005

Slightly better

Got ik/fk switch working and some other rig problems sorted out.
Now cranking out frames as fast as possible.

Here is a slightly better version of the opening sequence. Camera work isn't done yet.

old test render

zondag, maart 20, 2005

Thirsty cat

Our cat went berserk and slammed his head in our water goblet :)

Will soon post a update of the animation. (a lot less crappy than the posted one)

zaterdag, maart 19, 2005

First animation test

Just a test.

it's a divx movie

maandag, maart 14, 2005

No showing of Monkeys Heart at Annecy :(

Today I discovered that Monkeys Heart did not make the selection at Annecy
Noooooo.. (the selection for shorts is very tough and it didn't apply for TV serie I think)

So now I need this movie to make it to Annecy next year. The student competition is also tough
Only 2 Dutch student movies are selected
One of our school. '529' from Maarten de Wit and Niek Castricum
And Rosto has his new movie 'Jona/Tomberry' in the short competition!

Story change

I have shortened the story to get only the essential part of the idea in it and maybe make it to the deadline in time.
Got some animation tests and will post it soon. I only run out of webserver space :(
And I got my ticket for Annecy today!!!! :)

zondag, maart 13, 2005


Eboman did a masterclass!! (if you don't know Eboman look here and here)
It was fun to see what he did and how. He is creating the ultimate tool for sampling live on stage with live footage.
It's a suit full of sensors that triggers samples of a program running on a Mac that has analyzed live data and converted it to samples.
Example here
This is not Eboman but a project that looks like the project of Eboman
Eboman is going to tour soon and his website will be up soon I guess

Here is an old soundtrack of Eboman mpeg4audio

woensdag, maart 09, 2005

Just a render

Ok I am still busy learning how to set up light en how to render. And I am setting out the layout for the first few shots.
So I couldn't show something. But for the faithful readers and supporters I made just a quick render.