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zaterdag, mei 28, 2005

Demo reel

H.264 version

donderdag, mei 26, 2005

I have updated some old post

I have converted most movies to mpeg 4
Quicktime 7 is still not available so under the picture there is a link for mpeg 4 version

Quicktime 6.5 is required


Quicktime 7 is available for Windows.
Please donwload it to watch the H.264 movies


woensdag, mei 25, 2005

Half way another shot

It's the last run before he reached the end of the rock.

Only the legs are animated. All the green things hanging in the air are cameras:).
It's maybe to fast, but I think it will work for that shot.
Some part I have to re-time. This shot wil be halfway the trailer.
Will post the storyboard shot for storyboard trailer tomorrow.

zondag, mei 22, 2005

A shot done today

link mov


I am working on the trailer now.
Animating like crazy. The trailer exist from small pieces of the movie. (No facial animation I think)
I want the animation to be finished ad the end of the week.
Than I need a week for texturing end putting everything together.
And after that we go off to Annecy at the 5th of June.

Yesterday we went to the show 'Verknipt' of Eboman.
Great show! An innovating approach to use state of the art technologie to create an interesting performance.


I also found an old animation test

vrijdag, mei 20, 2005

You don't Love me Yet (update)

Nanoloops did a great performance in "Theater aan de Werf" It was his first solo performance and he did it quite well.

Here is a link for H.264 version (Quicktime 7 is needed)
Video H.264


Here is the band Grasp (our neighbours)
Video H.264

donderdag, mei 19, 2005

Moving StoryBoard

Here is mine moving storyboard. It still needs some tweaking and some extra shots and some shots needs removing.

woensdag, mei 18, 2005


Tomorrow night there is a performance of Nanoloops in "Theater aan de Werf". A group of artist made from the song 'I don't love you yet' from Roky Erickson there own version. And every artist will perform this song on his own way.
That will be a swinging night!

Link Festival

Link movie available Friday

dinsdag, mei 17, 2005

A Render

Still not satisfied (textures still not done)
but here is a render

dinsdag, mei 10, 2005

After weeks of no update...

Some heavy weeks.

A few holidays whit good partying.

A lot of layout is done and now it need only be filled with animation. The story almost works now.
I need a final edit with some better timing and some other shots and will post it online. It will be a spoiler.
If you want to see any criticizes it, you will be welcome.
I will post it tomorrow. Don't expect too much.