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zondag, juni 26, 2005

Programme Graduation Films

Here is the programme of the graduation films premiere -> link
No trailer for me, but worked on two other movies the last few days. It's a long ride because there are some live action and documentary films.
I hope to see some people. Don't forget to reserve. Full is full

vrijdag, juni 17, 2005

Rebuilding all the scenes

I've got some more time now. I am rebuilding most sets now for easier texturing and to make it more interesting.

here an image.

donderdag, juni 16, 2005

Premiere Graduation Films

On June the 30th the graduation films are shown in theater Chassé.
If you life close enough you should have a look. The films that are finished are from a high quality.
Not every movie is finished (I am so sorry)
Here's the flyer.


A draft audio track is created for the trailer and I am now editing some shots on it. I need to render it yet. So for now I use some pre rendered stuff. I will post it after the weekend. The deadline for rendered trailer is june 30th.

here is glimpse of the audio (audiotrack)

dinsdag, juni 14, 2005

Back from Annecy

I am back! After a week of animation my inspiration level is topped out. We have seen a lot of animations and they were good!!!! :)
Some highlights were 'One Man Band' from Pixar (world premiere at Annecy)

And the Annecy Short Price Winner 'The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello'

Studio link

Here is a gobelin trailer link

I will post later more on, but first I have to work on my trailer.

We discovered that also Monkey's Heart some work of us was shown at Mifa. :) (Mifa is the place for the big studios to showcase at Annecy)

Here are the foto's
Foto's Annecy 2005


Another picture of the new short.

Sorry for the bad quality. No scanner or good digital fotocamera available at the moment.

Text from the magazine we got there.

Pixar Studios presented the world exclusive of their latest short film, One Man Band, at the closing ceremony of the 29th Annecy International Animated Film Festival.

With one coin to make a wish at the piazza fountain, One Man Band, the latest short film from Pixar Animation Studios, tells the humorously captivating tale of a peasant girl who encounters two competing street performers who'd prefer the coin find its way their tip jars. As the two one-man bands' rivalry crescendos, the two overly eager musicians vie to win the little girl's attention. One Man Band was written and directed by Pixar's Andrews and produced by Osnat Shurer, head of Pixar's Shorts Group.

The short was not yet printed on final film rol. The time code was still in lower corner:)

donderdag, juni 02, 2005


Working towards Final look. I am now painting the textures. And wil animate the clouds in Shake.

Yesterday evening a friend of my bought some great DVD's. We watched 'Mind Game'. It's an amazing movie. Totally refreshing. The used every technic to tell their story and it works great. Only it's so bad that this sort of movies don't make it to the masses. To experimental and you can see that they smoked some joints to make this movie. But if you are fed up with Disney style movies you got to see this movie. Go to my friends blog to ask where he bought it. It's nog for sale in Europe:)

friends Blog Johndifool

woensdag, juni 01, 2005

Another walk

H.264 version

Some extra weight needs to be added (editing some curves)