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zaterdag, januari 22, 2005

My graduation film!

On this blogger site I will post my work in progress info for my graduation film. This is my last year of a four year study at the art school in Breda (The Netherlands). I do animation so my film will be a short animation. And by short I mean max ±3 minutes. Good animation needs time :)
In my third year I did an animation with a Studio Lemonade and that took six months to animate for an animation with a length of 10 minutes. The film was called Monkey's Heart.
It played in some theaters before the Incredibles. But by difficulties with sound it was not shown in many theaters :(
But lucky we were when it was broadcasted on TV. Around 70.000 people watched the movie.

a screenshot

But this site is for my next movie. If you want to see Monkey's Heart you have to watch the site of Lemonade
They will publish some more info soon and maybe a trailer.


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