Research is what I'm doing when I don't know what I'm doing.

woensdag, december 13, 2006


Deze blog is helaas niet actief maar voor de actieve versie kijk je op
this place
Er is weer een hoop gedaan in de tussentijd. Een eigen studio, optredens in buitenland!!

maar je mag ook op deze blog blijven staren. Misschien dat ik nog een keer iets post.

vrijdag, februari 24, 2006

VJ Nanoloops

Second VJ performance!
Take a look right click to download

woensdag, januari 18, 2006

Blog verplaatst

My blog adres had changed to this place

dinsdag, december 06, 2005

Zuruck aus Berlin

Back with both feet on the ground. It was a nice trip to Berlin and we have seen a lot.
Here are some picks. enjoy!

woensdag, november 30, 2005

More Boat


nog een

donderdag, november 24, 2005


Modeling a test version of an old VOC boat. The model needs live action integration

Vodcast online!!

We are just in testing and the content is coming soon. New server is online! at

zondag, november 20, 2005

Vodcast coming soon!

Nanoloops & Liudger are going to present a vodcast with all sort of clips live performance animations etc
This is the first clip
The rss feed is coming soon

For the iPod a small clip of 25 mb

vrijdag, november 11, 2005

Nanoloops Live with video!

concert nanoloops
200Mb uncut and uncensored

dinsdag, oktober 25, 2005


Every tuesday night I draw models. This is from last week.
Tonight a new model.

zondag, oktober 16, 2005

More to come Really!! ;)

Tomorrow takes a long time. It's busy and I have not much time to get some nice test out of the animation factory.
The scene is inked now. So we are progressing.
On tuesday I will start working on the credits sequence. Animating a globe :) not so tough.
Also we need to make a shot that zooms out of Brussel till you see the whole earth. In cartoon style with Maya