Research is what I'm doing when I don't know what I'm doing.

dinsdag, oktober 25, 2005


Every tuesday night I draw models. This is from last week.
Tonight a new model.

zondag, oktober 16, 2005

More to come Really!! ;)

Tomorrow takes a long time. It's busy and I have not much time to get some nice test out of the animation factory.
The scene is inked now. So we are progressing.
On tuesday I will start working on the credits sequence. Animating a globe :) not so tough.
Also we need to make a shot that zooms out of Brussel till you see the whole earth. In cartoon style with Maya

donderdag, oktober 06, 2005


It takes more time than I thought, but I am getting a hang on it now.
If I don't forget to put it on my iPod I wil post some pencil tests tomorrow.

dinsdag, oktober 04, 2005

Drew the first few lines for sextet finally

Today I drew the first few shot for the animation part of the film Sextet. It's background animation, but for a 3D animator it's lot of fun:). I wil post tomorrow a line test. If I am back from NFF early. Otherwise it will be the next day.

New trailer Pixars "Cars"

It's better than the first trailer, but I am still not sure if it will be as good as the other Pixars


The link is down. :(